Thursday, February 14, 2008

Holiday baking...

I hope your Valentine's Day was as enjoyable as mine! :) We had a lovely day doing school, baking cookies, and watching a movie. We got MORE snow - ugh! I'm getting a little tired of that.....but anyways, here are some pictures of the official cookie makers! :D

::Dad and Mom were so sweet and got each of us girls a little bear and chocolate for Valentine's Day! How sweet!::

::Mom and Nikki with the finished product!::

::The three hardworking chefs::

::I was trying to get creative here....::

::I was the official picture taker/assistant froster...I realized after I downloaded all the pictures that I wasn't in any! So Mom graciously asked if I would like her to take a picture of me with the cookies! [smile]::
Happy Valentine's Day!


Katie said...

Happy Valentine's Day! :) :) (I like the creative picture. :)

Margaret Neufeld said...

Looking pretty good. Now, if only I could taste them.

Lacey Martin said...

The thought crossed my mind about making sugar cookies, but I never did. Do you have a special recipe you like to use?


~Tori~ said...

Thanks girls! :)


Yes, we have a certain recipe that we use when we make Christmas sugar cookies - but those make 90 cookies, and we didn't feel like making that many! :) So, we used a different recipe - they were delicious! I would be happy to post the recipe we used if any are interested. :)