Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Yesterday, we celebrated Dad's 43rd birthday! We surprised him by serving him sausage and eggs in bed, and decorated the house all up in red and yellow streamers and balloons while he was at work. When he got home, we went out for pizza at the diner, then we came home and he opened his presents. The chocolate cake with chocolate frosting was just calling our names from the kitchen, so we thought we better have some! :) We then had a fun evening that consisted of watching his new Judge Judy DVD - which was so much fun! We all laughed so hard! :) So, all in all, it was fun day!

Little known facts about Dad:

- He dislikes peas :)
- He loves Dutch apple pie with vanilla ice cream, warmed up in the microwave for about 15 seconds (in his words!)
- He played basketball in high school
- He always wanted to be a preacher growing up
- When he was a boy, his favorite cowboy was Roy Rogers

We love you, Dad! Please help us wish him a belated happy birthday!

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stmp4evr said...

I dont have any doubts that you guys had a good time, However your dad looks much younger than 43, but then again his sister doesnt look her age either.

I was asked if you were going to be a preacher,