Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday, Deanna!

Eighteen years ago today, my big sister, Deanna, was born! She has been such a wonderful big sister all these years - she is a great encourager, helper, shopping mate, and she loves the Lord - what better big sister can you ask for?? :) She has always been there for me, ready to encourage and help me. I'm proud to call her my big sis - happy 18th birthday, Deanna! I look forward to watching you continue to grow in the Lord and seek His will and direction for your life! Love ya! :) Here are a few pics from our day thus far:

::Deanna and I with 18 beautiful carnations - all dressed up, ready for church!::

::Mom and Deanna::

::Big sis and little sis::

::Father and daughter::

::Deanna enjoying her enchilada at a Mexican restaurant after church::

::More pics with the birthday girl - she had a graduation theme - doesn't she look swell in that cap?::

::Deanna and Nikki at the restaurant::


::The soon-to-be graduate with her birthday diploma::

::Random picture of the wrapping paper::

::Deanna with her carrot cake::

::This is kind of a strange picture - I know it looks like she's about to choke herself, but she's really just blowing out her candles!::

::Modeling a new outfit::

Facts about Deanna:

  • If you would ask her what her favorite food are, she would say: scalloped corn, broccoli and cheese, and Chinese.
  • She enjoys mowing the it just me or does that strike you as odd?
  • She enjoys ping-pong
  • Her two favorite movies are State Fair and The Princess Diaries 1 & 2.
  • She loves to cook!
  • Started piano lessons when she was four
  • Hasn't drank any pop since October of 2007
  • Once made it to a state piano competition

Please join us in wishing her a happy 18th birthday! Love you, Deanna! :)

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Anonymous said...

happy, happy 18th birthday Deej!!!