Monday, February 4, 2008

Fanning the Flame Within......

We just got back from an encouraging, uplifting, and fun weekend in Knoxville, Iowa, where Dad, Deanna, and I did a youth revival - God's presence was felt! We had a great group of teens, as well as many adults who attended the services, and I know that spiritual help was received! Praise the Lord!

As I said in my last post, all three of us were battling colds, so we were praying that God would touch our throats to be able to sing. God came through (as always!) and the song services went very well, everything considered. God did mighty things this weekend - and we give HIM all the glory! On our way home this afternoon, as we were going through a larger town, I happened to notice a sign in front of a church that said this:

"A man without God is nothing - but God without man

What a thought! God is still God, no matter what happens! How encouraging! God definitely demonstrated His power and love this weekend - both teens and adults were ministered to by the Holy Spirit - praise the Lord!

Our theme was "Fanning the Flame Within" - we discussed different things from salvation, things that can weaken or extinguish the flame within, and Biblical principles for youth.

Here are a few photos from our weekend - full of fun, food, fellowship, and spiritual encouragement:

:These are some dear friends of ours from Knoxville, Megan and Caleb:

:A suitcase relay race - when one person from each team must race to one end, dress up in either girl or boy clothes, run back to their team, take it all back off, and pass the suitcase to the next person, who must do the same:

:Just for information's sake, the girls won! [smile]:

The weather was terrible Sunday afternoon and evening - so bad that church was cancelled. We were disappointed that the revival had to end that way, but we know it was the right decision. Soooo, we stayed warm in the motel room and watched the Super Bowl! :) We had a fun time rooting for the Giants! :) The weather wasn't too bad coming home, except there was a lot of fog. When we were going across the mile-long bridge in Knoxville, it was completely white all around us....that felt really weird! Like we were driving through heaven! :) Below are a few pics of that - although that doesn't quite do it justice! It got much better as the drive went on - these pictures are of the better half of the journey! :)


Anonymous said...

Loved it all!--even the white-out pics. Read the whole blog. Will look forward to seeing your whole family again one day soon. Perhaps at Campmeeting over in Cedar Falls!
Anonymously yours....
Preston G. Smith, pastor, Montrose, IA

Katie said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog! It looks and sounds like you've been in cold places lately. :) I enjoyed reading over your blog. :) God bless!

Sara N. Smith said...

Thank you very much - it's a pleasure to get to know you through the blogosphere! :)
Looks like you had a wonderful time brining glory to the Lord! Blessings always!