Thursday, October 23, 2008


Our family had the amazing opportunity last night to go and support an incredible movie, Fireproof! Made by Sherwood Pictures (who also created Flywheel and Facing the Giants), this movie is for the entire family. It tells the story of a struggling couple who are find themselves on the brink of divorce - and how God changed their life and their marriage. It gives a realistic view on marriage and it shares the plan of salvation. It also stars Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains, Left Behind) - who does an amazing job!

This is a must-see - especially for all Christians! We need to make sure that we support this Christian film - they are rare these days!

To visit their website - where you can watch the trailer - click here!

Monday, October 20, 2008


"I want to know Him so well, and communicate with Him so regularly, that when I pass into eternity, I will be able to greet Him with, 'As I was saying, Lord...'"
~ Unknown

Monday, October 13, 2008

back home......

On Friday, we returned home from Goodland, Kansas. We had such a wonderful week! The services went very well, and we trust that all that were in attendance were ministered to in some way.
Our entire family got to go on this revival, which is a rarity these days. We had such a good time and made many memories: being serenaded at Carlos O'Kelly's by an alumni band from the University of hem on the bottom of the my dress pant leg coming undone only 15 minutes before church started........accidentally choosing a Chinese restaurant (3 in our family dislikes Chinese, myself included)............Nikki's blizzard from Dairy Queen dripping all over the place in the van....just to name a few!
At Carlos O'Kelly's in Lincoln, Nebraska

The tuba player walking around, asking for donations

Outside of the visitor's center in Burlington, Colorado

At the High Plains Museum in Goodland
A Vincent Van Gogh painting in Goodland...of course, it's a little larger than the original! :)

Follow the red brick road......

My Vanna White impersonation

Outside of the church

Trying to fix my hem before church!

The pastor's wife, Teresa, stapling my pants. :)

Singing during the service

A photo with Pastor Bob and Teresa

We stopped at the Dwight Eisenhower Presidential Museum and Library in Abiline, Kansas on the way home

Outside of his boyhood home

Starting on Thursday, Dad and Nikki will be in Missouri Valley, Iowa, for revival. Please be in prayer for those services!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Packing today, leaving tomorrow

Tomorrow, our family will be on our way to Goodland, Kansas - which, in case any of you are wondering, is near the Colorado border. We are eager to get there and begin our week of spiritual renewal - please pray along with us that God's anointing will be on the services and that those in attendance will be challenged and changed!
Because we are leaving tomorrow morning, today has been crazy with packing, cleaning, and last minute details! My day, in particular, has been filled with laundry, packing, PowerPoint for the services, laundry, dishes, general pick-up, laundry......did I mention that I have done a ton of laundry today? Oh, there goes the buzzer on the washing machine. Just one moment.
All right, where was I? Oh, anyways, it's been a crazy day. But we've accomplished much and will be ready to leave tomorrow!

In case any of you get bored while I'm gone, feel free to browse back through some of my archives! It will help dull the pain of missing me! :-) Oh, and does anybody have any idea as to how to get spaces for paragraphs? I'm having some difficulty with that.

I've been tagged...again!

I was tagged by a blogging friend of mine, Alyssa Scott!
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1. I want to name all of my children Bible names
2. I had to get stitches on my chin when I was around 6 or 7, after smacking it on the side of our public swimming pool during swimming lessons while doing "bobs"
3. I have to take my driving permit test soon, and I am scared to death
4. I am the only one in our family to ever break a bone - I broke my wrist when I was 7
5. I advanced to state competition 2 times for piano
6. My beloved hamster, Emily, drowned in our sump pump after escaping from her cage
7. My neighbor friend and I used to sell "pet rocks" to our neighbors - A.K.A. rocks with eyes glued on to them

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