Thursday, October 2, 2008

Packing today, leaving tomorrow

Tomorrow, our family will be on our way to Goodland, Kansas - which, in case any of you are wondering, is near the Colorado border. We are eager to get there and begin our week of spiritual renewal - please pray along with us that God's anointing will be on the services and that those in attendance will be challenged and changed!
Because we are leaving tomorrow morning, today has been crazy with packing, cleaning, and last minute details! My day, in particular, has been filled with laundry, packing, PowerPoint for the services, laundry, dishes, general pick-up, laundry......did I mention that I have done a ton of laundry today? Oh, there goes the buzzer on the washing machine. Just one moment.
All right, where was I? Oh, anyways, it's been a crazy day. But we've accomplished much and will be ready to leave tomorrow!

In case any of you get bored while I'm gone, feel free to browse back through some of my archives! It will help dull the pain of missing me! :-) Oh, and does anybody have any idea as to how to get spaces for paragraphs? I'm having some difficulty with that.


Nikki said...

Tori you tagged me I now have my entry on my blog!

Nikki said...

I'm looking forward to the trip to! But I hate packing and un packing! YUCK!

~Bryant said...

Trips are so fun! :)
I hope the services go well. That's so neat that you all go as a family!

Lacey said...

You've been tagged! I'm trying to get to Bryant's blog, but it won't let me. What can I do?

Rachel said...

Our library at school has an Ernie Haas(?) CD and I thought of you!

Sharon said...

Hey Tori!

I tagged you at my blog. You can see the post and the details at this link:

I guess you have two tags to fill out now :-)

Margaret Neufeld said...

Hey, I tagged you. See my blog for details.

FiveGreers said...

Hi! First time visitor on your blog. Can't tell if you live in Iowa. We were just there last month visiting with the Bontragers and Wissmanns.
I noticed you have a version of "That's My King" on one of your posts. My son memorized that entire 6 minute sermon. You can see his version on YouTube- "Mikki Preaching", if you're interested.

Blessings from southern California!

Lacey said...

Thanks for letting me know about Bryant! I kept trying to get into the site and it wouldn't work.

How was Goodland? Ya know, I tried looking up Minnesota, KS too, and couldn't find much! :-)

Where did you get the Fireproof ad for your blog?? Our family just went to see that over the weekend and LOVED it!!! It was excellent!