Sunday, February 10, 2008

Random photos....

A few pics from last night's hockey game:

::Nikki doing the YMCA with another girl::

::We tried to get a good picture....::

::And tried.....::

::And finally got one!::

::Dad and Deanna::


Lacey said...

Thanks for posting on my blog, Tori! How long have you and your family sung?

Keep in touch!


~Tori~ said...

Hi Lacey!

Thank you so much for commenting! :)

Our family has been singing really our whole life! :) We went into evangelism in 2000 and did that until 2005, when we left to pastor a church, but we are now back in evangelism. Our family really loves to sing - in church and around the piano! So we've been singing in different churches for about 8 years, but we've actually been singing our whole lives! :)

I will continue to frequently check out your blog! Thanks again!


Sara N. Smith said...

I would be honored Tori. Thank you very much for asking!
The Lord bless you this beautiful Valentine's Day!!!

Lacey Martin said...

Thanks, Tori! I will do the same. :-)

~Tori~ said...

Thank you both! :)