Sunday, March 23, 2008

Egg Extravaganza

Our church's annual Easter egg hunt took place yesterday and it went extremely well. We had between 50-60 kids show up, plus their parents! Praise the Lord! One of the parents who had attended the egg hunt showed up at church this morning - it was so exciting to see! This is such a great outreach ministry! It was so hard to choose which pictures to post, but I picked some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy looking at them! :-)

::"Miss Registrar"::

::The chefs who prepared the meal::

::Pastor Pete::

::Tracy did a fabulous job as our bunny!::

::Getting lined up, ready to take off and gather eggs!::

::My mom and I::

Happy Easter! :-)


Abby Martin said...

I just luv the bunny ears on you, Tori! Like, I think it goes sooo good on you! (big smile) I'm glad everything went well! =))

Lauren said...

that would be great! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great time! :)

Christina said...

It seems like you enjoy taking pictures as well as looking at them!

Lauren said... Then, you can go to settings>formatting>post template and copy the code there. Your signature will then appear each time you post something new. I hope this makes sense.

Olivia said...

Hey Tori,
Thanks for all your comment. I don't get over to your blog nearly enough. The boys lost the b.ball game probably pretty bad. Here I'll tell you some of the teams history. The first year the team (I don't think they had JH and V. yet.) won 3 games. Last year I think they won 4 games. This year the J.H. won 3 games and I think V. won 3 also. This was definitely an improved year from past seasons! It was fun but sometimes it got boring watching when we knew they were going to lose. I often took a 1 1/2 yo. from his mom to give her a break and let her watch her other sons play. I've got to go. Sorry this is really long! Olivia

Margaret Neufeld said...

How's the book Before You Meet Prince Charming? I'm hoping to buy it soon.