Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dreaming of eggs!

This week, one thing that has kept us busy is preparing Easter eggs for the Easter egg hunt our church is putting on next Saturday. We don't have to fill them with candy, but we have to put the eggs together and tape them shut. Now, I must confess, this is not a job I have enjoyed, but it has helped to make it more fun by plugging in a movie of some sort. The last few days, we have watched different episodes of Christy, and today we watched Saving Sarah Cain, so that has helped to pass the time! I'm not sure how many eggs there are, but there are a lot! To give you an idea of just how many we're talking, take a look at the pics below:

::Deanna and I - all the eggs in front of us have to be put together::

::That entire laundry basket is filled and the garbage bag is almost full!::

::Nikki was sick today, but she felt well enough to come down and help a little::

::Today was a nice, snowy day - a perfect day for making chocolate chip cookies!::

::Thought I'd post this as well - it was taken last Friday night at the hockey game - Nikki and her friend, Nikole, decided to sit in the front row after it had been deserted for most of the game. They were so excited! They had a bird's-eye view of the whole ice!::


Abby Martin said...

All those eggs look like a lot of fun! LOL! I remember when I was younger at how fun it was to hunt for Easter eggs! :)

Tori, do have a chocolate chip recipe that you really like? I don't know why, but mine seem to always turn out flat...I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't leave them in the oven as long, and maybe put more flour in them...

Lacey Martin said...

Did you get 'em all done? When do you have your hunt? Well, the kids will appreciate your hard work. How did you like Saving Sarah Cain?

Bethany said...

I'm glad I don't have to put all those eggs together. Do you get to hunt the eggs too?

~Tori~ said...


No we don't get to hunt the eggs, because we will be gone that day. :-)

Alyssa Rae said...

Hey Tori!!!

Of course you can post the Hill-Billy!
We thought it was really funny too!
And No I did not make it.
It was in a email! It was so nice to hear from you! I have met so many Christian girls through the blogs!
Where are you from? Are you
homeschooled? Well g2g
Have blessed week!

Nicole said...

Holy Cow -- that is a huge ton of eggs. Yay you guys for attempting that!

~Tori~ said...

Just for information's sake, today our pastor estimated that there were probably between 900-1000 eggs that we did. Yikes! :-)

Olivia said...

Ooh taping hundreds of Easter eggs shut does look like tons of fun. Easter egg hunts here actually got cancled due to the blizzard we just got. Does Saving Sarah Cain come before or after the Redemption of Sarah Cain? I want to see both! Olivia

Rachel Marie said...

Wonderful pictures Tori!!! :) I know you had fun. :-P

Margaret Neufeld said...

But the candy's the best part of it all! I'm sure you're getting a good laugh out of Christy.