Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I apologize for taking such a long time to get my post about Chicago on here.....we finally uploaded the pictures and we have been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to sit down and write a post. We had a wonderful time in Chicago! Our entire family went, which was a lot of fun, considering we don't get to go on revivals as a family much anymore. The services were great - we believe and pray that many were ministered to! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Friday afternoon, we took the Metra train into downtown Chicago with the pastor and his wife. We had so much fun! :-) It was complete culture shock....when we walked up from the underground train station, and saw all of the TALL! What a feeling! We Iowans were in a state of us Des Moines is a big town...but it was nothing compared to Chicago. Here are some pictures from our big expedition! :-D

::Actually, this isn't Chicago....this is Crestwood, where we were doing the revival. Chicago is famous for it's hot we just had to try some at Portillo's - very good!::

::Anxiously waiting for the Metra train to take off!::

::As well as a little nervous::

::A real live conductor!!::

::Pastor Mark and Paula::

::Sorry this is a little may need to click on it to enlarge it, so you can see it better::

::The John Hancock Observatory::

::What a view! Notice the Sears Tower (wonder which one that is??)::

::Busy window washers::

::Trolleys are marvelous inventions....especially after walking almost the entire Magnificent Mile!::

::Navy Pier::

::Millennium Park::

::The ice skating rink in Millennium Park::

::Family photo looking through the kidney bean....that is a strange but very cool piece of art!::

::Tired from the exciting day, but not too tired to pose for one last picture::

::Strawberry smoothie Mexican style! We got a good chuckle out of this one.....::

::This is a video of Mom and Deanna rock climbing at Dick's Sporting Mom especially (on left)...she had a rough go of it! It's pretty funny! :-D Be sure to pause the music on the sidebar!::

Thanks to Mark and Paula for taking the day to show us around Chicago, and for putting up with our constantly stopping to videotape/take pictures! We had so much fun!

As always, we ask for your continued prayers. Dad and Deanna left today for a revival in Des Moines, Iowa, so please keep those services in your prayers.


Nicole said...

Hey girl!
You live in IOWA?!!? WAY AWESOME! I didn't even know.
Is there by any random chance that you are coming to TeenPact in DM this next week???
Ok, where do you live? This is so cool.

Olivia said...

Hey Tori,
Chicago looks awesome. i've always wanted to go but have yet to get the chance. Olivia

Lacey Martin said...

Fun, Tori! The last time I went to Chicago was when I was two years old...for some reason I can't remember it. :-) In the video, Deanna is focused on her rock climbing and is oblivious to what's going on with your mom. :-) At least your mom tried! :-) Does Deanna rock climb?

Abby Martin said...

Glad you're safe back home again! The pictures are great! I'm glad you had a good time! =))

Margaret Neufeld said...

That's really cool. I've never had the chance to explore a big city although a few of my friends spent several months in Chicago.

Morgan said...

Chicago looks like fun- did you see Oprah? =P

~Tori~ said...

No, we didn't get to see Oprah...which wasn't real disappointing! I could've cared less! :-)

**~Happenings~** said...

I don't live too far from Chicago; glad you could make it up to "The City." You're right, the "Bean" is so incredible! I always am amazed every time I see it!