Monday, May 5, 2008

A Busy Week.....

I apologize greatly for practically deserting all of my blogging buddies. This has been a crazy couple of weeks! All of our exciting activities have built up, so there are a lot of pictures! I will start with last week:

We spent a week in Nebraska at a Nazarene church there. We had a wonderful week -thank you for praying! Since where we were at was close to the Wyoming border, we got to cross over into Cheyenne on Monday! Wyoming is beautiful country! I snapped a few photos of the beautiful scenery:

::This is an extremely large statue of the virgin Mary::

::It's heartbreaking to read this sign and to see the altars that they had set up for people to kneel at as they pray to her::

::The pastor's dog, Sam -isn't he cute?::

::Fanning the Flames was our topic for the week::

::Dad with Pastor Andy and his wife, Dorothy::

::Me with Pastor Andy and Dorothy::

::A bulletin board in the back of the sanctuary::

Then, this last Sunday after church, the middle age group at our church had a luau potluck. Since our parents are in that group, we got to be a part of it! It was a lot of fun - with colorful decorations, Hawaiian food, and games!

::Ashley (our pastor's daughter), Nikki, and Nikole::

::Mom and Nikki::

::Alena - did I mention the group is called the Middle Age CRAZIES?::

::The group leader, John, with Deanna::

::Ashley and Pastor Pete::

::Drew (our pastor's son) and his friend, Mason::

::Pastor Pete and Dad - they make quite a pair, don't they?::

::Deanna and I::

Sunday night, we had the privilege of having The Wissmann Family come to our church for a concert! We were so excited - it was so much fun and such a blessing! They are a wonderful family!

::Our sanctuary is tough to take pictures in - sorry this didn't turn out real well::

::Me, Rachel Wissmann, and Deanna after the service::

::Rachel and Deanna::

So, like I said, it's been a full but fun last couple of weeks. We don't have anything scheduled for revivals until June, so now we will be concentrating on Deanna's upcoming graduation. In case any of you are wondering, our hockey team is now in the finals! YAY! :-D I am hoping to have pictures to post about that soon. So, that's the latest in this household! Since life is somewhat returning back to normal, I should be posting more often! Thank you for bearing with me in my absence!


Abby Martin said...

Wow! You've been a busy bee!! Sounds like you've been having fun!

We're back home!! We got home just a little bit ago! It was so fun having comments waiting for me when I got back home! :) We had a good time. :) I'm glad to be back home though! We had to leave earlier this morning b/c I had an ortho. app. today, which wasn't too bad, but took longer than usual. I will be able to hopefully get my braces of between September and November!!!! YES!!

Check for updates on my blog later this week, or sometime! lol

Margaret Neufeld said...

Look, it's Rachel. Colourful post.

Abby Martin said...

You changed your profile pic? I like it!

Nancy said...

Hi.... I'm Nancy from Ontario.
That looks familiar.... we had the Wissmans at our church too and really enjoyed it!