Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bubble Blowing

We are in Des Moines for Deanna's graduation this weekend - it has been a lot of fun! I have many pictures to post from the ceremony today, but I'll do that later. Right now, I wanted to post pictures from last night when we went out to eat at the Sugar Shack, a cool '50s restaurant we found in the town we're staying in.

:Getting ready for bubble blowing!:

:We were struggling to get a good bubble....:

:Or at least a picture of a good bubble:

:Go Tori, go! Blow that bubble!:

:Well, they certainly wouldn't make the record books, but it's the best we could do:

:Go Deanna!:


:FINALLY! Look at her go!:

:Nikki with her ice cream cone:

:Awww...sisterly love:

:Father and daughter:

As I said, graduation pictures will be coming soon!!


Abby Martin said...

Awww, that looks like you all had a lot of fun. :) How did Deana's grad. go?

We are back home safe and sound!! I will post stuff on my blog later, or later this week. :) Then you will be filled in on what all happened. :))

Abby Martin said...


I found this place where you can have blog music for free. You have to have an account, but it's really easy, and you don't have to fill in a bunch of stuff. The place is: They have tons of songs on there! Way better than Sonific!

Margaret Neufeld said...

That's good. I can't remember the last time I had a bubble blowing contest.

Abby Martin said...

I'm glad it worked!!

The program I use is "Paint Shop Pro XI" combined with Picasa, and an older version of PSP. I've really enjoy using the program, and I would recommend it for someone who hasn't ever had a PSP program before. I would also recommend getting used to doing things on Picasa. I didn't read much about what my program could do, I mainly found out by trying things out. I hope this helps!

The Chmelars said...

awww! i love seeing families having fun together and loving each other