Friday, May 23, 2008

Deanna's Graduation - Part 1

They're here! Pictures of Deanna's graduation ceremony that took place last Saturday in Des Moines!! Yay! This is the first of possibly three different posts about it. I hope I don't bore you! :-)

The night before we left for Des Moines - we all had to try on Deanna's cap and gown!

The grad!

Getting ready to walk in First Federated Church where the graduation was held

Getting ready for rehearsal

Mom and Deanna before rehearsal

Reading through the program during rehearsal - gotta stop to give the camera a quick smile!

Having difficulties with the cap - that was a pain!

The beautiful graduate!

Mom and Dad with their little girl who is graduating!

Deanna and I

Nikki and Deanna

Time for class pictures!

The official graduate with her diploma!

Deanna with Grandma and Grandpa afterwards

Family picture

Deanna with aunt Delaine

Deanna and Dad

Deanna and Rachel, our cousin

Deanna and her proud little sister

The cousins - Rachel, Deanna, Nikki, and I

With so many different cameras going, it was hard to know where to look - hence my looking off somewhere else. :-)

Mom and Deanna

Deanna and her friend, Megan

Some of our best friends: Caleb, Megan, Beth, and Jeanie

So there is the first part! Coming soon: Pictures of us at the restaurant we went to afterwards, and hopefully some pictures my aunt took. Tomorrow is Deanna's open house - please pray for good weather, since we are having it outdoors, and there is a chance for rain.

Congrats, Deanna! We're so proud of you!


Abby Martin said...

I can't believe it! Tori, I just saw Ben Sowers graduating too!---He's my sister-in-law, Bek's, cousin!!! LOL!!! That is too funny!!!

Abby Martin said...

No I wasn't there, but he was sitting in the pew right behind Deana. =))

Abby Martin said...

YES!---It is a very, very, very small world!!!! It would have been funny if we went to that graduation and I saw you and was like, "UH, I know you!---You're my bloggie friendster!!" lol!!!

I will be checking to see for updates!!! I'm going to probably load on softball pictures for the next set of photos I do, and then soccer, and then our trip! =))

My mom and I went to target today and I found some really nice long shorts! I may have a friend hem them up for me just an inch or two, but it's been nice finding longer shorts, but not only that, some that I like on myself! So, if you have a Target near by, or are in want of some shorts, I would recommend you try and find some at Target, if you're needing some. :))

Christina said...


How did your party go? We had beautiful weather here.

Do you actually know the Wesco's? I was so happy they were able to come!

The Chmelars said...

i have two friends that graduated in des moines also. we were going to come but plans changed. it would have been fun to meet you all! congrats!

Anna said...

Congratulations to your sister! I know... those caps can be a pain. :)

Lacey Martin said...

Congratulations to all you grads! :-) But, I think the bigger congrats belongs to Deanna. How many graduates participated?