Thursday, April 24, 2008

Invites and Hamburgers

This has been a busy, but fun week. Between church activities, hockey games and getting Deanna's graduation announcements finished, it has been full. But it has been a profitable week! Here's a recap:

As I said, we were busy getting Deanna's announcements done and folded and addressed and all of that fun stuff. We had a good time though. :-)

Our first playoff hockey game was last night - we had a ball! We got to tail-gate before the game with family and then headed inside where we had a rousing game, and came out on top, 4-1! :-D

It was perfect tail-gating weather!

::Getting everything set up::

::Uncle Bob and Grandpa trying to get the grill going - and having a rough go of it::

::Nikki ready to cheer for her team!::

::Me and Deanna::

::Nikki and Mom::

::Grandpa, Brian and Lindsey::

::Delaine wanted to save a parking spot for my dad, so she set one of our chairs in the parking spot!::

::Deanna and Delaine::

::This added some excitement to our night! We got to meet and get our picture taken with Eddie Olczyk - an NHL sports commentator! How exciting!!::

::Dad and Mom::

As I said, we ended up winning 4-1! So it was an extremely fun evening all the way around! :-D

We'd like to ask for your prayers tomorrow as we head to Nebraska for a revival. Please pray that God will provide us with good weather, safe traveling mercies, that our van will run smoothly, and that those who are in attendance at the services will be challenged, changed, and encouraged!


Abby Martin said...

Fun!! =)) Looks like you've been enjoying youself as well! :) I'll try and post some pictures later from last night...we ended up not being able to play soccer because it was lightning too much...I was very, very bummed!! But everyone went ahead as planned over to one of our soccer players house for a birthday party, (which was going to take place "after" our soccer game) So, that was still fun and I'll post pictures from that later. :))

Olivia said...

Oh no we are getting ready to have to go through the graduation invite thing too! It's going to be alot of work! Have a safe trip! Olivia

Margaret Neufeld said...

Sounds like a fun and exciting week!

Abby Martin said...

Hey, Tori!

What's up? How is everything going with graduation preparations? Are you having her graduation at home? That's what our family did for Lacey's graduation 2 years ago. It was fun. It was fun too! I hope we can have a home graduation for me as well. Us homeschoolers have more of a freedom to do that kind of stuff. :))

Last night we played soccer!! I'll post pictures up, although I didn't get many...*sigh

Anyways, I just wanted to check up on you and I hope that if you're busy you'll be able to find some time out time for yourself! =))

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've been having a lot of fun! Great!