Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Packing, packing, packing......

(Picture taken at the Great Smokey Mountains by John)
Wow! I can't believe it's April already! Spring is on its way!
Thank you so much for your prayers for the Cedar Falls revival - God's presence was felt and we truly believe that people received help! Our closing service was Sunday night - it lasted two hours! We had an amazing testimony time afterwards - people just crying and telling what God had done for them. We finished the service out with the singing of the hymn, "God is so Good" - what a great service! Thank you so much for your prayers! I apologize for the lack of pictures - I didn't take one over the course of the entire weekend! Sorry about that!
Am I the only one who terribly dislikes packing for a trip? I find it to be a great bore - I don't like having to decide what to wear! But, it must be done. So, we have been busily packing all morning getting ready to head out for Ottumwa, Iowa today. It should be a good week - please (as always) be in prayer. Now, I am planning on taking many pictures (I mean it this time!), so those should be up soon.
Have a great week!


Anonymous said...


You, Deanna & dad just left and I miss you all sooo much already!! I can't wait till Sunday night so we can all be together again!! I will be praying for you constantly while you are gone and can't wait to hear all about your time in Ottumwa! I love you my little blogger!!

Love & Prayers-

Mom : )

Lauren said...

I like to pack! :0)

Anna said...

I don't like packing all that well since I'm a senior in college and I have been packing up half my life to take back and forth for the past four years! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope revival goes well! I am praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my name!
Drew Hall