Thursday, April 17, 2008

Autographs anyone?

These were taken after last Friday night's hockey game - Nikki was dying to get some autographs! She has an autograph scrapbook that a lady made for her that she was having them sign. I think she was enjoying the attention everyone around her was giving her, admiring her book! :-) So, here a few pictures of her exciting time:

Just for the record, we won that night, as well as the two games after that, so we are now advancing to the second round of the playoffs! Yay! :-)


sasha said...

Hi Tori! I am Sasha, I got your link from Morgan and Olivia Coy's blogs...just thought I would say HI! I live in russia, and play the violin. thats about all the fun I get!

Olivia said...

Hey Tori,
The earthquake was a little freaky...the first one i've ever felt! More hockey-how fun! Olivia

Lacey Martin said...

That's fun that she was able to get autographs! Was she sitting on cloud 9? :-) Do you all play hockey, Tori? I don't, but some of my friends like to play. I've been out there on the ice when they've done it...but I mostly skate forwards. :-)