Monday, April 7, 2008

An Old-fashioned Revival.....

Yesterday we returned home from a wonderful week in Ottumwa, Iowa. We had an old-fashioned, sin-killing, heaven-sent, devil-chasing revival! There were many that received help - both around the altars and in the pews. There was one lady who came down to the altar one of the nights, and was literally sobbing and crying out to God. She received the help she was praying for and she started clapping her hands and thanking God! It was so wonderful to see!

::At McDonald's with our dear friends, Lesa and Hayley::

::It's somewhat of a running joke about how loud we get when we're together, laughing and carrying on::

::Hayley with her dear chihuahua, Kell::

::Playing our absolute favorite game, Dutch Blitz::

::Talk about a wild time! We can get violent!::

::Hayley and I::

::Deanna and Lesa::

::Dad, Deanna, and I with Pastor Smith. We had a wonderful time staying at his house::

::Picture time!::

::We were excited to visit an Amish community not too far from Ottumwa and enjoyed visiting the gift shop::

::An Amish schoolhouse - as we were driving by, it was recess and there were many Amish children outside playing baseball - it was so neat!::

::Look at all that laundry!::

::Pastor always had 3-5 deer come up into his backyard - we were really close to them!::

::This was taken from the bedroom window - and I'm not zooming in! They got even closer than that - right up to the side of the house!::

So, we had a wonderful week! It was filled with so many laughs and fun! The church people were so welcoming and kind. We will never forget this week. Thanks for praying for us!


Abby Martin said...

Fun pictures, Tori! Looks like you had fun! :))

Nicole said...

Hey.. you were in our neck of the woods! We are only about an hour or so from Ottumwa. Are you Baptist? Have you heard of the Marion Ave. Baptist church in Washington Ia??

Lauren said...

Looks like you all had fun! I love revivals, etc. It's such a great time to get to know people and have a time separated from the things of the world!

Christina said...

Hey, just to let you know my sister and I enjoy listening to the such an upbeat song while I read your blog.

simplysanctified said...

Praise the Lord for His working in people's hearts at the revival!
It also looks like you had a wonderful time of fellowship! I enjoyed all the pics!

Margaret Neufeld said...

Dutch Blitz is the coolest!