Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Daddy's birthday

Last Friday, we celebrated my dad's birthday with an Iowa State Cyclones theme, complete with red and yellow streamers and balloons! The Cyclones is one of his favorite college sports teams, but the rest of the family likes the Iowa Hawkeyes (especially me!) so we like having a little fun with the (friendly) rivalry. =) So I wore my Hawkeye clothes all day! =)

With his "birthday breakfast" of biscuits and gravy

With one of his guilty pleasures - "3 Musketeers"!

With his presents - we got him the movie Fireproof (which we LOVE!).....he kept joking that we REALLY got it for ourselves (which we did!). =) Again, I totally recommend this movie to ANYBODY....it is wonderful! We also got him Mad Gab - which is such a fun game!

Ready for a game of pool

With his sweetie

For supper, we grilled t-bones and ribeyes - they were delicious!

Another one of Dad's guilty pleasures - marshmellow fudge bars!! They are delicious!
Happy birthday, Daddy! We love you!


Lacey said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Rittgers! I like how you wore YOUR team's jersey. :-) That's fun! So, what are marshmallow fudge bars? I don't think I've ever had them. We also like the game, "Mad Gab". :-)

Sarah said...

Hey Tori!

I thought I'd tell you that we (Rebekah and I) might get Fireproof for Mommy and Daddy for Valentine's Day just because we are dying to see it!!!! :-)

Please tell Deanna Happy Birthday for us!


My Bright Corner said...

Tori - I just watched Fireproof. When I got done with the movie I cracked up when I remembered that you bought this movie for your Dad's birthday. :) I can see why he thought ya'll bought it for yourselves rather than him! :)

tiff said...

i don't get that last pic. there's a mug that says iowa hakeyes but your dads in all cyclone stuff. WEIRD! are you a divided family? lol