Saturday, August 16, 2008

How fast are you?

82 words


The Chmelars said...

i'm not fast at all. ugg! i have my own way of typing. i'm getting fast at it but mom makes fun of me.

thanks for all your comments on our blog dear! love ya! tiff

Abby said...


I know they have a lot of super cute templates, and what's great is, there aren't any bad ones, and it's free!! It's very, very easy to put on your blog, and it doesn't mess a thing up. All you do is on your layouts, add a page element, add the HTML/Java something, and then on another window go to the template place, click on the one you want, then below the one you want, there some coding that you copy and paste into your HTML/JAVA thing. Tell me if I need to explain better. :)