Sunday, August 31, 2008

A decade old....

I can't say how bad I feel about how long I have put this post off. Nikki's 10th birthday was last Monday, and here it is Sunday and I'm just now getting the post up. I wanted to include the pictures from her day and they were just downloaded Friday. Anyways, Nikki had a wonderful birthday - we had her party with just our family and Grandma in the early afternoon and her party with her friends after they got out of school. Her theme was "Wacky Olympics" - we played fun wacky games similar to those at the Olympics and the winner would get a gold medal.

Her birthday breakfast

Her '10' number girl

Nikki posing with our cocker spaniel, Prinny (short for Princess)

Daddy with his girl

Nikki with her friends, Madeline, Olivia, and Ashley

Our hula-hoop contest - Madeline was the winner!

The shot-put....go Olivia!

Our timing lady, Miss Deanna

Awarding a medal

Go Ashley!

Hotdogs, anyone?

Nikki and Ashley

Olivia, Nikki, and Madeline

Ultimate frisbee

Our wacky obstacle course

The final medal ceremony

Please stand for our National Anthem

Go team!

There is this crazy squirrel that hangs around our can get up super close to it! It was hanging around the tree that our pinata was on!

Our pinata

Scrambling to pick up candy

The whole group.....Deanna and I are wearing the two parts of the pinata!

A few of Nikki's favorite things:

~ Food: Pizza

~ Store: Walmart

~ Color: Purple

~ Bible Character: Jesus

~ Sport: Hockey

~ Music group: Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

~ TV Show: Little House on the Prairie

~ Movie: The Princess Diaries

~ Book: Bible

~ Leisure Activity: Spending time with family

~ Drink: Mr. Pibb

Happy belated 10th Birthday, Nikki! We love you!

Please leave a comment wishing Nikki a belated happy birthday!


Under Southern Skies said...

Happy Birthday! Did you take most of the pictures, Tori?

Abby said...

Happy Birthday Miss Nikki!!! It looks like you had a fun day!! I hope God will grow/continue to grow you into the Godly young lady he wants you to be :)

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday, Nikki! You're just a little older than my younger sister, Molly...she's nine. Hope you had a fun party!