Sunday, June 1, 2008

Deanna's Graduation - Part 2

Okay, we are trying something new here! Blogger has this new fangled feature that lets you "schedule" a post. Sooooo, right now as you are reading this, I am in Moravia, Iowa doing a revival! I wrote this post last Friday - isn't technology handy? Hope this is working....if it's not, oh well....worse things have happened. :-)

Here are pictures of our party after Deanna's graduation ceremony at Mi Mexico - Deanna loves Mexican and this restaurant came highly recommended and it definitely exceded the expectations we had! It was wonderful! Hope you enjoy these snapshots!

Aunt Delaine trying to describe to the waiter what size of enchilada she wants??? :-D

Great times.....lots of laughs!

Rachel, my cousin, and I

Okay, so it was really hard trying to get the whole group to smile, look at the camera, and be shown all at the same time!

Mom and Nikki

They brought out this lovely sombrero for Deanna to wear!

Dad - we all had to take a turn!


I don't think Grandma quite knew what to think!



I don't recollect her being overly thrilled at having to put this on! :-)

Our waiter and Deanna - he was quite the character! Very funny....had many stories to tell!

Caleb and Dad solving all the world's problems

This is quite the pose....we love to have fun!

It was a wonderful party!! Coming soon: Pictures of Deanna's open house!

As I said, hopefully this whole scheduling thing worked okay. After Moravia, we get a few short days at home before heading off for an amazing week at Iowa Holiness Association Campmeeting (see below post)!

Have a glorious week!


Wedding Photos said...

FUN!!! =)) Very cute pics! lol

I just invited you to see my new blog with some of the wedding photos from my cousin's wedding. =))

Anonymous said...

Very cute. :) :) I enjoyed looking at the pictures and I'm glad for Deanna!

Re: my brain isn't controlling my nervous system right. It's been a bit rough, but it's treatable.
- Katie of Katie Speaks. =D

Nancy said...

I didn't know you could schedule post like that. Iwill have to figure that out yet too!