Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkeys and Snowflakes

It's December it possible? And the wonderful thing about it is that it's snowing!! The Christmas spirit is abundant here at our home - Christmas music, setting up our Christmas decor, and watching the snow lightly dust the ground....a wonderful feeling! Isn't it great how God lets us enjoy even these "small" things in life?

Here are some pictures from our Thanksgiving day! We had most of the family from my Dad's side over, as well as my Mom's brother.

Dad's tradition of carving the turkey

With Aunt Carolyn (on the far left) and Aunt Delaine (in the middle)

Deanna with Rachel

Here are some pictures we took while at our Downtown Christmas - it was pretty cold, but lots of fun! We ran into some friends from church and hung out with them some. It was a very jolly time - everyone was in the Christmas spirit! They had fireworks, they lit the Christmas tree, had Santa Claus repell down a building wall (he is now officially in town!), and had music blasted over the streets. It made for a fun evening - and Deanna was there to share it with us, which was nice!

I think he's trying to tell us something....but I would just ignore him if I were you - everyone knows the Hawkeyes are the best!

With the Grinch and one of Santa's helpers ;)

Hope you are having a great December so far!

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Kenna said...

Thanks for the update! The pics are great and looked like you had a fun Thanksgiving!