Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Baking

Last week, we ventured out and made frosted cut-out sugar cookies! They are delicious, but a lot of work! We had so much fun though!

Nikki was acting a little strange - she kept trying to hit me on the head with her spatula =)

We are getting very excited about Christmas! But, right now Nikki is SICK! Not fun! So your prayers would be appreciated for her! And we are in for another blizzard this week! Sooo, that could mess up some plans! REALLY hoping it either holds off or isn't too bad!


Rachael said...

Holiday baking is sooo fun! Last year (you may remember some of the posts) I did alot of activities with my little siblings and we made fudge, Christmas biscuits, and a few other things, which were really yummy!

It's fun when people get in strange moods... shows that they're really excited :) Oh, and "Nikki tried to hit you on the hit"? I think you mean head :P haha! sometimes I write up a massive post and a few days later I notice spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, two words in the same sentence... just hope no one else sees it :0 lol.

Hope that Nikki gets better very soon!
Merry Christmas!! <3
Rach xo

Tori said...

Thanks for pointing out my little error! I get going so fast and I forget to check to make sure everything is right! =)

Nikki is feeling MUCH better! So glad!

Merry Christmas!

Phil said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Hope Nikki feels better soon! :-)