Monday, December 15, 2008

Trees, Plays, and Fellowship

I know that this post will definitely make it look like I'm really "picture-happy", but there have been so many things going on the past couple of weeks, so I have oodles of pictures! I just can't believe it's already the 15th of December and I have only posted once this whole month! Yikes!

So, I guess I'll start from the beginning. A couple of weeks back, our family took a night to set up our Christmas tree.

Each of us girls has a box full of ornaments that we have made or that have been given to us over the years. We have a good time each year going through the boxes and laughing at our "creative" side!

Busy cooking for our teen Sunday School Christmas party

Last week we traveled to Middlebury, Indiana for our annual Nazarene Evangelist's Gathering. We so enjoyed fellowshipping with fellow evangelists, and listening to the special speakers and song evangelists - people like Mark Murphy, Gary Haines, Adam's Voice, and Dr. Stephen Manley - just to name a few!

Middlebury is an Amish community and the motel and restaurant is famous for it's Amish decor and fabulous Amish cooking! They had this cool booth in the restaurant made to look like a buggy.

Some Amish people came in to eat while we were there and mom took this picture of their hats and coats.

With some friends and fellow evangelists, Jimmy Dell and his wife

Nikki with some friends of hers, the Rayburns

The beautiful landscaping outside the motel

The place was beautifully decorated for Christmas

We thought this sign was really neat!

Enjoying the music of Adam's Voice

We were FREEZING on the way home! I didn't have a hat, so my only option was to tie my scarf around my head! :)

(Photo courtesy of John H.)
Our other big thing we've had going on over the past couple of months was our church's Christmas program. It took place yesterday morning and everything went fine! Everyone remembered their lines and it went smoothly - praise the Lord! Everyone was pretty nervous! It was a children's version of the famous "A Christmas Carol". This picture was taken during rehearsal on Saturday.

(Photo courtesy of John H.)

Deanna doing my hair for the program

I played Peggy Sue, the angel of the past - it was fun to play a '50's girl!

Deanna was the choir director

Nikki played Buffy, the angel of the present

Aubrie as the adorable Mary

All the angels - Emma (playing Tomora, the angel of the future), Ashley (playing Carol, the head angel), Nikki, and I

(Photo courtesy of John H.)

(Photo courtesy of John H.)
Earning my wings!

After the play, we had our pastor's kids over for games

So, we have had a very busy December! Hope all of you are having a wonderful Christmas season!


Nikki said...

Great pictures all of that was so much fun!! :) Merry CHRISTmas!!

Anonymous said...

Im also a 15 yr old, a Christian and i came to your blog through Rachaels Notes. I thought i would leave a comment as i'll probably pop by every now any then!

Maddison Lick
( will sign after this just as Imp, prefering not to put my real name down.)

Under Southern Skies said...

The picture of the dog with the hat on is really cute!

sarah k. said...

The puppy is ADORABLE.

God bless and have a Merry Christmas!