Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sarah Palin Rally

Last Monday, we had the AMAZING opportunity to go to Dubuque, Iowa, to see Sarah Palin! While we are enormously disappointed that she and John McCain did not win this election, we were so happy to have had the opportunity to attend one of her rallies. We had an absolute BLAST! We stood up for 5 1/2 hours straight - no food, barely any drink, no bathroom, and no sitting down......but it was well worth it!

We got in line at 10:00 Monday morning and were basically at the front of the line. We couldn't believe that we among the first to arrive - but the line quickly got longer! The doors opened at 12:00, so we were ushered through security and found our place to stand during the rally - which was RIGHT in front of Sarah Palin and in the second row!! We had an awesome view!

With all of our road maps and directions, we were ready to hit the road!

We got there safely and with no problems!

The long line

Some ladies showed up in hockey jerseys - when Sarah came out, she pointed at them and laughed. They thought that was very cool!

Some people would hoist this guy up in the air and he would try to get the crowd pumped up

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley had the amazing privilege to introduce Sarah Palin

SHE'S HERE!! The crowd went ballistic!

Hank Williams Jr. was there!!! The crowd went wild when Sarah introduced him! He led us in the National Anthem and then sang "McCain-Palin Tradition" (click here to hear). It was so much fun!

You can tell how close we were!

Here she comes down the line!

This is not zooming up - this is how close we were to her! We all got to shake her hand!!! She even touched Nikki's buttons on her shirt and said she liked them!

We got to shake Todd Palin's hand too!

Nikki got her picture with Hank Williams Jr.! She was so excited!

This lady made this great Sarah Palin hat!

After the rally with all of our cheering gear!
As for an update on revivals, Dad and Deanna have had an interesting past two days in North Dakota. They left LaMoure on Thursday, heading north to Kenmare, when they were forced to stop in Bismark because of bad weather. So they were snowbound in Bismark for two nights. The revival in Kenmare was supposed to start last night, but they had to postpone. Dad and Deanna were able to able to leave Bismark this morning and arrived safely in Kenmare, where they were able to start the revival meeting tonight. :)


Nikki said...

That was a amazing time!
It was a great exspierience to actully See Sarah Palin in PERSON! What a privilege!!

Lacey said...

Fun picture of you and your mom with the stickers on your arm!

Karisse Wesco said...

You all look as if you were enjoying yourselves! I love watching Sarah Palin speak---she's so down to earth!

Alyssa Scott said...



Olivia said...

That really awesome how close you girls were. Todd and Sarah waved at us as there motorcade drove by! Olivia

BTW: I love your's really fun!

Maddie M. said...

WOW you guys must have been so excited I know I would have been..... And Nikki she touched AAAAAAAAA were you speachless !!! lol Maddie.M

~Bryant said...

It's so neat to hear Sarah Palin speak, especially in person! I heard an interview of her on TV, and you could just tell by the way the person interviewing her looked and spoke that they just hated her, or hated what she stands for, and it just didn't bother her! She holds to her beliefs no matter what!