Monday, November 3, 2008

Mom's birthday

Last Friday, we celebrated my mom's birthday! I had intended to get this post up the day of, but as you can see, that didn't happen. But they're up now, so that's what counts.

A quick photo shoot before going out to lunch

Mom with her gifts

Upon request, Deanna made Mom Rice Krispie bars

This has to be the coolest birthday card ever! My mom's sister sent it to her.

Mom's birthday is also on Halloween! So, the night before, we did our annual tradition of carving pumpkins.

Doesn't she look dangerous?

With the finished products

For Halloween, Deanna dressed up as a doctor and Nikki was an x-ray machine

Deanna and Nikki with our pastor's kids at the trunk-or-treat held at our church. Drew is dressed as Moses (their trunk was decorated as Moses and the burning bush) and Ashley dressed up like an old man.

I have many a post to catch up on - I have pictures from my cousin's wedding from last weekend, and a few pictures from when Dad and I were in Rockford, Illinois. Also, something REALLY exciting happened today, so I have NUMEROUS pictures to share with you all! These posts are coming soon!

Dad and Deanna left on Saturday for a two-week trip to North Dakota for revival meetings. This week they are in LaMoure and next week they'll be in Kenmare. Please pray for safety and for life-changing revival services.

Okay, does anybody know how to get spaces for paragraphs?? I'm getting a little frustrated because I can't figure it out, so all of my paragraphs just run together. Any help that anyone could offer me would be very much appreciated! Thanks!


Nikki said...

How old are you??????
LOL. Let me just tell you all here she is WWAAYY over the hill!!! No, i'm just joking! She's over two hills! LOL. KIDDING! Happy Birthday mom! We love you and we hope you had a great day!


Goldfish said...

Fun pictures.

You are probably in the compose message or whatever box. Click on the other tab (html or something) and press enter in there for paragraphs. It took me forever to figure this out (well about two years). Hope it works for you!

~Tori~ said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH, Megan! That was such a help and it worked! It's nice to have this glitch worked out finally!

Deborah said...

Happy B'Day!My brother's B'day was on Friday. Is that your mom's real B'Day or were you just celebrating it then?

Sharon said...

Hey Tori! Happy birthday to your mom. You look a lot like her to me.

I just wanted to correct on something in love (seeing as we both love Jesus :-D). Halloween isn't just a fun and innocent holiday and as Christians, we shouldn't celebrate it at all. Instead of posting a big thing here, I'll just give these links

A Masquerade and
Trunk or Treat

In Christ

Life Savior said...

You know what? I like your pumpkin the best! 'Cuz it's smiling!

~Tori~ said...

Deborah ~ My mom's real birthday is on Halloween.

Sharon ~ I appreciate you sharing your concern. I have actually already read those two posts - but thank you for providing them. :) I realize that many Christians feel that this is not a holiday that should be celebrated, and I respect their opinions and convictions.

Our family feels that while Halloween can be very evil and some people celebrate it in that way, we don't focus on the evil side. We see it as a fun holiday where kids dress up and get free candy. We see nothing wrong with participating.

Thank you for your concern! :)

Sharon said...

Thanks for replying Tori. I have one more thing to ask. Do you think Jesus would be fine with celebrating halloween, either Himself or His children?