Thursday, March 17, 2011

welcome sweet springtime....

Am I the only one who is excited that Spring is finally here?? It was a whopping 70 degrees here today! We may be in for some rain and cooler temps tomorrow - but it was great while it lasted!

SO much has happened since I last posted! I'm posting some pics about the different events that have taken place in our lives within the past few months - hope this holds you over until I can get another post up! :)

In January I celebrated my 18th birthday!! I even got a dozen red roses from a very special man in my daddy. ;) I can't wait until I graduate in May!

This is our most recent family picture, taken at Christmas

Deanna and her boyfriend, David - cute couple, huh?! :)

Deanna and David again at the Christmas Banquet at the college

A HUGE part of December/January for us was my uncle's kidney transplant benefit! We were CRAZY busy getting for it! Here we are in our benefit t-shirts. The benefit was a great success and Darwin is very grateful for all of the love and support he has received. Sadly, Carolyn will not be able to be his kidney donor as previously expected. He continues to be on the National Donor List. If you would like to read more about Darwin's story, you can visit our Facebook page,

Another BIG event was our moving AGAIN! :) We are becoming "pros" at this! Dad accepted a full-time pastorate position at a church a couple of hours away - we moved there in January. The church is doing very well and we are really enjoying our new home!

Here Nikki is with a blessing from a dear family in our church! Nikki has always wanted a set of drums and the Lord blessed her with one through this couple! She has had so much fun banging around on them! ;)

Nikki and I had a fun time with our youth group at an Aaron Shust concert a few weeks ago - we enjoyed getting our picture with him afterwards!

This picture is of my sweet Grandma Rittgers who passed away about a week and half ago....of course it's been hard losing her - but I'm so glad that I have the hope that I will see her again someday! I'm so blessed that I had the influence of a Godly grandma! On the day she died, I got on Facebook later in the afternoon and a friend of mine had posted a verse - it seemed like it was just meant for me....Isaiah 49:23 "....I am the LORD; those who hope in me will not be disappointed". My Grandma's hope was in Christ - and she has NOT been disappointed!! She is in no pain - I've been imagining in my mind what Grandma must look like in heaven...she has a NEW BODY! I can hardly even remember a time when she didn't have bruises all on her arms - just from getting poked and prodded and from dialysis. She doesn't have bruises anymore!! And I'm sure she's cracking up those in heaven with her dry sense of humor! :) That's one thing I always loved about her - she always had us laughing until our sides ached! My family tells me I get my dry sense of humor from her. :) So while it's been so tough losing her, we just have a peace knowing that we will see her again someday!

So this has been our life within the last few months. God has been good - I'm so grateful for His ever-present faithfulness in our lives!


Phil said...

Hey- you're back again! :D Looks like ya'll have been keeping yourselves busy! Glad to hear that the benefit went well. And an Aaron Shust concert? Nice!

Kaitlin said...

YAY you're back!
I never pictured Aaron Shust looking like that, lol.