Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A New Venture

No excuses. There just aren't any that warrant a blog that hasn't been updated for a month. So I won't even try.

So many changes have been taking place in our little home. The major news around our house is that my older sister, Deanna, is heading off to college this fall! The Lord has laid this on her heart just recently, and so we have been busily taking the necessary steps to make it possible! She will be attending Kentucky Mountain Bible College, majoring in Elementary Education. It's so amazing the way the Lord is working all of this out - she is getting more excited every day!

Please be praying for our family during this transition - it is going to be extremely difficult for all of us. We are leaving next week to take her down there - please be praying for safe travels as well.

Deanna will be leaving before Nikki's birthday (which is August 25th), so last week we decided to celebrate a little early with Deanna by going to Chuck E. Cheese! We had such a good time! By the way, these pics are taken with Deanna's new camera!


Shootin' some hoops


Nikki won a ton of tickets on the Deal or No Deal game

Getting their picture sketched

Isn't this cute? :)

We all had to get a picture on the horse. :)

"Where a kid can be a kid"

Nikki with her prizes

We love you, Deanna, and we will miss you!


Deborah said...

My little sis's b'day is August 18'th(she'll be 11)! =) I'll be praying for you and your family, and also, your sister, that God will keep her safe.

Olivia Coy said...

Awe. I've not been to Chucky Cheese's in years.

Nikki said...

That would be that I won 80 tickets on the deal or no deal game.... it came down to to cases the 2 tickets and 80...I turned down 41 tickets and I had the 80!! that is as high as you can get! And I always win like 20 26 or something it seems like...

Phil said...

It's good to hear from you again! I'll pray for Deanna as she leaves for college.

Kenna said...

Thanks for the update!
As long as your sis follows God's leading everything will turn out okay.
What kind of camera does your sister have? They were great pictures!
God Bless!

Tori said...

Kenna - I think it's called a Nikon CoolPix. :)