Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day

We hope all of you moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day! Our family spent Mother's Day in Des Moines, Iowa - Mom spoke at a Mother/Daughter Banquet Saturday afternoon (and Deanna and I sang) and revival at the church started Saturday night. The banquet went very well (thanks for praying!)! I believe they had between 55-60 ladies show up for the banquet - praise the Lord!

The ladies of the church pitched in and made all of these beautiful baskets that they gave away in drawings!

Mom and I came home on Sunday afternoon while the rest of the family stayed in Des Moines for the rest of the week for the revival. On Monday, they took a trip to the Iowa Hall of Pride

They had all of these games that they had fun playing

Gymnast Shawn Johnson! AND I found out that she and I have the same birthday!!

Mother's Day morning before church

This is a video of Dad and Nikki doing a soccer game at the Hall of Pride - it's pretty funny!
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One of the first posts that I ever did was a video about Moms. It is so funny! Here is the link to it - it's perfect for Mother's Day!


Kenna said...

Looks like ya'll had fun. And had a pretty good turn out at the banquet.
That is so cool that you and Shawn Johnson have the same bday.

Phil said...

It looks like you guys had fun! It's good to hear that there was a good turnout!

KinaBolina said...

That video was too funny! It's prety much like watching people play Wii sports...just looks silly, but it's a blast. :)
xoxo Caroline

Anonymous said...

Lately your blog will come up and then a error will come up so that I can't look at it. And then other times -- like now -- it will let me on. I just thought I'd let you know incase somebody was trying to do something to your blog without your ok.

Tori said...

Thanks for letting me know, anonymous! I have been having the same problems - I will be trying to get it fixed - I'm just glad that someone else let me know that they are having the same difficulty so I know it isn't my computer.