Monday, September 15, 2008

Iowa Hawkeye Game

On August 30, Dad and Mom were able to go to the home opener Iowa Hawkeye football game against Maine (thanks to the Smiths!)! They were positively thrilled to be able to go, after being long-time Iowa Hawkeye fans, but never being able to go to a game. They had great seats right under the scoreboard and were all decked out in their Hawkeye garb!

Some tailgaters before the game

Dad letting his girls know that he will be cheering loud for us!

Kinnick Stadium - home of the Iowa Hawkeyes!

Dad next to a statue of Nile Kinnick

Their seats were right underneath the scoreboard

What a view!

The University of Iowa marching band!

Go Hawkeyes!


On the field after the game

With the goal-post

Iowa! Iowa! Iowa!

They had a fantastic time and even brought home a few souvenirs for us!

Go Hawkeyes!


Alyssa Scott said...


Abby said...

How fun!! It's so much fun going to things like that!! It's also "fun" to know you all like to too!! :D

Alyssa Scott said...

Go Hawkeyes!!!!
(as long as they are not playing a SEC team!)

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If not turn it up!!!
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