Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The joys of winter.....

Winter: snow, cold, ice...not something I enjoy! :) Winter has hit us hard - in fact, right now we are in the midst of an "almost" blizzard! Lots of wind, snow, and ice - not to mention FREEZING!! So, today was a lovely day to drink hot chocolate, read, work on our puzzle, and and watch a movie, as well as make some peanut butter cookies! I thought I'd bring you up to speed a little on our week! :)
:Me modeling some new clothes I got for my birthday:
:One of our highlights is working with the children at our church on Wednesday nights! Here are a few kids from our group!:

:Deanna and I doing our puppet skit:

:Mom giving a lesson on the Helmet of Salvation:

:This isn't our current storm, but the one we had a week or so back:

:Me working hard:

:Stopping to give a quick smile for the camera:

:Deanna looking.....cute: :)

:A blizzardy day is a great day to make cookies!: